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Bad to Good
October 24, 2011, 12:51 pm
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The Santa Ana winds kicked up for a couple of weeks, bringing on migraine headaches, and downed spirits. It’s amazing, the sickness that comes from the dessert blowing all the polluted summer smog back at the cities in the form of hot winds. I feel like I am just getting back on my feet. I was so run-down for a couple of weeks, I didn’t even feel like grocery shopping and cooking (my favorite things to do). Jonah and I suffered since we were eating more items from the pantry, which means more processed crap in our diet than we are accustomed to. If anything, I have further solidified my beliefs on the importance of good nutrition to help control Jonah’s behaviors.


Jonah has started a 2nd round clearing for the Hep A vaccine. This clearing will last 4 weeks, and I have to say that the 2nd time around has not been such a charm. Regressive behaviors have become more pronounced, and even some new mild self-stimulation behaviors are peeking through the lining a bit. I can attribute some of these behaviors to food, since we were lacking freshness in our diet while I was under the weather. He’s been very defiant the last couple of weeks, and demonstrating high attention seeking behaviors. I have not witnessed these behaviors at this level in some time. On the positive side of this, he’s much smarter now, and much more capable of communicating, which is perhaps why it is so much more difficult coping with these behaviors than I remember. Once he has his mind set on something… well, he’s almost as stubborn as I am.


Of course, when he is demonstrating these regressive behaviors, I feel horrible because I have no idea what might happen at school or at the after-school program. Jonah has incredible teachers, and he absolutely adores them. We are lucky that Jonah has had such dedicated people to work with him and teach him. They are really extraordinary people who demonstrate a sincere want and desire to work with children growing up with autism. He was on fall break for the last 2 weeks, during which time, he attended extended school services while I was at work. Changes in schedule and routine can still be difficult for Jonah to deal with, and we did see a couple of incidents where Jonah demonstrated aggressive behaviors towards the staff at ESS. On a positive side to this, he is starting to acknowledge remorse for his actions without prompting. When I picked him up last Friday, he had behaved badly, and was in time-out when I walked through the door. When he saw me, he looked at me with a down face while the supervisor was informing me of the incident. I heard him say “Sorry, Mommy. No Mario. No Disneyland.” Of course, when he is being non-compliant, the first things I threaten to take away are Super Mario Brothers and Disneyland.


These are signs that, in spite of the regressive behaviors, there are underlying advancements being made. The damage caused by in-toxicity, in part to the Hep A vaccine for now, is being cleared out of his body. It’s just like when you get sick from a common cold or the flu. In order to properly recover from the virus, your symptoms get worse before you get better, right? When a cold or flu first infects your body, you don’t sense it immediately. It’s then followed by a little twinge at the back of your throat, then the achy neck, then chills and fever, then the body aches, and so on… These are symptoms caused by your immune system ‘fighting off the enemies’ — per say. It’s interesting that I am witnessing homeopathy unfold layers of Jonah’s autistic expressions in the same manner. Things must get worse before they get better.


It’s amazing to me that conventional medicine doesn’t seem to understand this natural process of healing. Instead, they will have you believe that you can suppress your coughs, and control your fevers, which ultimately prolongs the length of your illness by suppressing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. In the meantime, you feel like you are better because you’re chugging down cough syrup to swallow your anti-biotics, and figure “I’m not contagious because I’m not coughing.” And you go to work, and you do the grocery shopping, and you mail your DVDs back to Netflix, sharing the joy that is your cold with the rest of the unsuspecting public who will do the exact same thing because that is what your doctor tells you to do. These are the doctors that get to take their families on a free trip to Disneyland, all expenses paid by healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical reps. Conflicts of interests?


I guess these issues are at the core of human nature. The capacity and ability to acknowledge and change comes at the precipice of an event. Meaning, things must get worse before they get better. THINGS MUST GET WORSE BEFORE THEY GET BETTER! I believe the tipping point is upon us, since we are very near to seeing the worst of it.


For example, Gerson Therapy is a natural, and very highly effective way to treat cancer, but the powers that be in conventional ‘American’ medicine won’t admit it. They won’t even test it as plausible, and it has been around for decades. During these decades, cancer rates have climbed and any doctor that stumbles upon evidence of natural therapy working is discredited. According to the Cancer Prevention Society, “1 in 3 people will get cancer during our lifetimes.”  And now, at the beginning of a precipice that could impact 50% of our population by 2020, people are seeking out natural cancer therapy because they have the good instinct to recognize that whatever medicine we are being fed is not working. This could be very bad news for the various cancer organizations that raise millions of dollars to pay pharmaceutical companies to come up with new drugs that you will have to buy at astronomical prices, driving up stock prices, in hopes to save your life. If everyone finds out that you have a better chance of curing your cancer with coffee enemas and a plant based diet, who will feed the poor pharmaceutical reps and oncologists?


Cancer is just another thing the Food and Drug Adminstration, American Medical Association, and Center for Disease Control will not be honest with Americans about. They will not conduct a double-blind study of conventional cancer therapy versus natural therapy, because there is no profit to be made from it. Just as they will not conduct a double-blind study of autism occurring in children who have been vaccinated versus autism occurring in children who have not been vaccinated. There is no profit to be made from it. These organizations and medical professionals that are supposed to protect the health of the people in this country do more to damage us for the sake of money.


When it comes to vaccines, they hide behind the statement “For the Greater Good.” For those of us that have children with autism caused by vaccinations, how do you feel about the sacrifice your child has made for the greater good? I was participating in a conversation at one of my favorite stores for local produce over the weekend, and we were on the subject of vaccines causing autism. The owner of the store asked a couple if they would vaccinate their children. The man replied, “Well my dad is a doctor, and he said the risks associated with not being vaccinated are more dangerous.” At this point, I glanced over and said, “Well, I think I would rather not have autism for the rest of my life.” Especially, if we could help it.




It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, only because I wanted to take a step back and assess the direction in which this blog will continue to grow. There has been so much developing in my life, and the perspective that I view our world with has continued to evolve in the last few months. Mission Jonah is not just about reclaiming my child from autism. This is a mission to awaken people to the prospect that what we have been taught has been misleading, and the only way we can change this is to educate ourselves and create awareness in others.


Since starting this blog, I have been approached by several people who have questions, concerns, and want advice. While I cannot instruct people not to vaccinate their children, I can encourage them to research the issues for themselves, and hopefully direct them to resources that provide them with the answers they are looking for.


Buyer beware: you will come across very disturbing information, just as I have. You can choose to believe it, or disregard it. The proof is not in the fluffy medical studies that do nothing to disprove the links between autism and vaccinations. The proof is in the alarming number of families who can testify to the changes that occurred in their children.


I have listened to people in the medical industry tell me flat out that there is no way there is a link between vaccinations and autism because all the studies they have seen said so. I always want to ask them “How many studies have you really read?” but I’m too afraid of stepping on toes and causing insult. You see, I’ve read as many studies as I can get my hands on, and not a single study provides a placebo group. Not one study shows the numbers of children diagnosed with autism that did not receive vaccinations, versus the number of children diagnosed with autism that did receive vaccinations. Someone told me as a rebuttal that there isn’t a large enough population of autistics to provide this statistic, like there is with cancer. Yet, we will have about half a million children in the United States become adults with autism in the next decade. I don’t know about you, but 500,000 sounds like a huge number to me.


I am not a medical expert, but I have witnessed the damaging side effects that the medical industry persistently denies. While 500,000 people with autism may sound like a huge number to me, it is apparently not significant enough for anyone to stand up and do something about this. FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND is just a drop in the pan to pharmaceutical companies grossing an estimated $20 billion annually from vaccines alone.


But, we need to be looking beyond vaccinations. We need to be looking at real numbers. Forgive me if I am repeating statistics, but I just need to point out that in the 1980’s, autism affected 1 in 10,000 children. What happened? What has changed in our environment? What has changed in our lifestyles? What is causing this? What is causing the other numerous developmental disorders that are now crippling our children? According to the CDC, 1 in 7 children are affected with a developmental disorder, including autism. We need to demand to know WHY!


Vaccines are only one of the many issues at hand with autism. Think of everything foreign from nature that has come into contact with your body. Think of every pill you have swallowed. Think of the chemicals in the lotions, creams, ointments, soaps, and perfumes you have put on your skin. Think of all the gases and fumes you have inhaled. Think of all the chemicals that were sprayed onto your fruits and vegetables, which you eat. Think of all the synthetic preservatives that go into your processed foods, which you eat. Think of all the hormones and antibiotics that are being stuffed into the livestock, which you eat. Think of the cleaning agents that meat is washed in, which isn’t washed off before you eat it. Think of the chemicals that go into the water that you drink.


These contaminants have intoxicated our bodies. It’s as if our society is in a drug-induced coma, and we are too strung out to notice that something is wrong with our cheeseburgers. The point I will continually try to make, is that this is not just about autism. This is about every illness and disorder that is plaguing our society. People are literally dyeing. We live in a poison bubble, and no one seems to care. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking. More people need to realize that we have only been taught what someone else wants us to know.


The pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know that more and more people are surviving cancer with natural therapy. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know that raw milk has been known to reverse allergies and cure asthma. The pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know that their drugs are not safe for everyone to consume. And, we can’t rely on our government to inform us or protect us because the politicians don’t want you to know any of this either since it would cut into their campaign contributions. There is too much self interest and money at the top for anyone to care about the little people at the bottom. I am a little person at the bottom, and I say, “ENOUGH ALREADY!” When are we going to start demanding honest answers?


Why have we become so gullible as a society, that we take every one by their word? We are only being taught as much as someone else wants us to know. If we don’t challenge this system with questions and demand answers, we will never get to the truth.


Here’s a truth for you. Jonah completed his first 8 week clearing for the Hep A vaccine, and guess what… The dramatic improvements he has made in the last two months far exceed any expectations I had. He is saying new things everyday, and engaging in new ways everyday. He is greatly improved, and I have faith that he will continue to improve as we move forward with CEASE Therapy. We will be begin another Hep A clearing for 4 weeks this Monday.  Jonah has enlightened me to a truth that only experience can manifest.

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August 10, 2011, 4:38 am
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The 1st Day of the Rest of Our Lives
August 3, 2011, 4:02 am
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Jonah at 4 months

Jonah was given his first remedy last night just before bed time. I had to work, so I was not home to administer the remedy, but it was left in the hands of Jonah’s highly trusted sitter/nanny with explicit instructions. Our Homeopath has decided his first clearing should be for the Hepatitis A Vaccine, as was stated in the last blog. The Hep A clearing will last 6 weeks. We will start with the 30c dose for the first two weeks, and administer every Monday and Thursday. My eyes and ears are wide open, and eager to observe the changes. 

I have been having increased anxiety over the last week or two. I have been researching vaccinations, Post Vaccination Syndrome, CEASE Therapy and homeopathy for months, and now we are finally beginning. It is a very exciting time. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do this for my son. 

Our nanny reported to me last night shortly after administering the remedy for the first time, redness showed up in the skin around the eyes for about 10 minutes, and then cleared away on its own. This is not the kind of therapy that will show monumental changes in Jonah over night, but I think the reaction that was observed was a good sign. I did pay special attention to the eye area all day, just in case. 

Jonah has had a bit of a lazy eye on the left side, but I have been at odds with his opthamologist about it. The opthamologist has been teetering on suggesting surgery for the last couple of years, and I have been reluctant to settle on surgery as a solution because it seems like the wandering eye may be attributed to a compromise in his visual sensory processing. This is very typical with autism, which is why it is often observed that they look at things indirectly. Because the visual sensory processing is compromised, they can actually see things better when they observe their surroundings with their eyes posed in different directions or gestures than a normal person would.  I did notice today that his one-on-one eye contact was much stronger, and that his wandering eye was much more centered and focused today. He has always had days where these things were stronger, so I don’t want to read into it too much yet as a positive sign of change. Only time can tell…

His sleep and appetite were normal today. He woke up around 6:30 this morning, super happy with ample energy. He has been wanting to play more Super Mario on the Wii again, which I am trying to limit to 30 minutes a day. It’s just a matter of redirecting when he asks for it. His new favorite thing to eat is mushrooms. It’s been great. I can pretty much saute mushrooms with just about anything and he will eat it. So tonight, we had sauteed mushrooms and zucchini with pasta. He loved the zucchini, and I gave him extra mushrooms halfway through dinner. When he was all done, I asked him if he wanted more mushrooms or if he was ready for his ice cream sandwich. He said “I want more mushrooms, please.” I almost cried. It’s so incredible watching him eat these amazing foods that are good for him.  It’s so important for him as well. I strongly believe that improved nutrition has made a huge contribution to all the progress we have seen this year. 

Now, I just have to be patient, and see what other improvements may unfold over the next few weeks.

The Most Amazing Kid On the Planet!
July 29, 2011, 5:33 am
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At Suzie’s Farm, San Diego, CA

Jonah has been communicating more and more every day. He isn’t having full on conversations like I am desperate to experience, but he is gaining more expression. Earlier tonight, he told said “2 Cars” when I asked him how his day was. This response was HUGE, since they went to go see Cars 2 in his ESS program today. Later, when I placed a banana yogurt out for him at dinner, he looked it at with dismay and said “banillya yogur.” I tried to tell him that vanilla yogurt was all gone because I wanted to get rid of this last banana yogurt from the old pack. Of course, he knew there was a new pack in the refrigerator, and opened the refrigerator saying “banillya yogur.” I had to give in because it was so cute, and he wiggled his little butt and smiled. He does this little dance when he is really happy. It’s one of those things that I am going to miss as he gets older.

I am not sure what to attribute this burst of expression to. All I can say is that he has been steadily improving with an increase in his nutrition over the last few months. He eats better and better everyday, and is willing to try new things, including vegetables. My sister brought up a good point the other night, questioning if kids stopped liking vegetables because they taste like chemicals.  

While Jonah is doing well, I am a ball of anxiety. I could hardly sleep last night. Too many exciting things happening right now, I guess. Yesterday, I bought a new car, and picked up our first remedy from our homeopathic practitioner. It feels like things are going so good for us at right now, I question whether or not I should mess with it. “It” being Jonah’s autism, of course.

I am very scared of the prospect of Jonah changing. He really is the cutest, sweetest, funniest, and loving little guy. He delights in the smallest details. His face lights up and he has the most contagious giggle. This kid is, hands-down, the most fun to tickle! I think I have mentioned before how innocent he is, and that is the one thing I treasure about him the most. I can’t even describe how amazing he is, and I question if I should leave well enough alone.

When our homeopathic practitioner came to meet us, she asked me about my intuition as a mother and why I think CEASE Therapy will work for Jonah. I didn’t know how to answer the question, much like I don’t know how to describe this therapy to people, or the faith that I feel when I think about how it will change Jonah’s life. I can tell you that CEASE Therapy isn’t exactly what I had thought it was, but I am going to try my hardest to describe it in a manner that is not misleading. I had previously thought the therapy works because it detoxifies the patient of toxins from the vaccine, but that is not correct. It works by reversing the damage the vaccine has done to the body. The contaminant in question, is administered as a specially prepared dilution that has been formed into a pellet. The pellets are than dissolved in the mouth or water, and administered 2 times a week. The doses increase over the course of 6 weeks, and depending on the reaction or the contaminant, it may need to be administered again through another series.

One thing to look forward to throughout the therapy… side effects. Here is what we are up against: regressive behavior and exteriorizations (which I am very fearful of since Jonah had such severe eczema). Jonah may also experience symptoms of illness, as if he just received the vaccine.  For those of you who don’t know, exteriorizations are hot spots that form on the skin, showing a physical sign that the remedy is working. They start at the top of the body and as the damage is cleared, they move lower on the body. Of course the movement of the exteriorization occurs over several weeks. The one thing that I must have faith in at all times, is that his condition will get worse before it gets better. The negative reactions to the therapy are a sign of the body clearing the damage, and the damage has to leave the body before true repair and healing can begin.

We will be starting Jonah’s therapy with a clearing of the Hep A vaccine. The two biggest physical indicators of Jonah’s regression just after 2 years was his loss of appetite, and his eczema. It just so happens that skin itchiness and rash, as well as loss of appetite are listed as side effects of the Hep A vaccine. His initial reaction indicated that he was very sensitive to this vaccine and his body was not able to fully process it without it causing damage to his body first. 

We begin the Hep A clearing on Monday, which will last for 6 weeks. This therapy will be a long journey, but if it works, I will have the most amazing kid on the planet, and it will all be worth it. If it doesn’t work, I still have the most amazing kid on the planet. 

I would like to give a giant and sincere “Thank You” to those of you who are in our lives supporting us, and those of you reading and supporting us on this mission to save Jonah. 

Godspeed, my Jonah!

CEASE Update
July 27, 2011, 6:29 pm
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We met with our practitioner yesterday. I am anxiously waiting to hear back from her today. I’ll be working on the next blog article and doing some more research. It seems homeopathy is a little magical, but it works. Let’s hope it works for Jonah. 

I will fill you in on more details as soon as I can.

July 26, 2011, 7:28 am
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We meet with our CEASE Therapy practitioner in the morning (7/26)! I am a ball of excitement and anxiety. I’m not sure if I will even be able to sleep. I feel like I should be hurrying up to wait. And, it may be a long wait…

I do want to inform everyone reading our blog of how CEASE Therapy works, but I think it is first important to discuss the reasons for such a drastic therapy in the first place. I would like to start with my personal journey of coming to this point over the last year, and why I am so convinced that Jonah’s Autism is from Post Vaccination Syndrome. 

I think I have already stated that I adamantly disbelieved that vaccines were the cause of autism until earlier this year. I am also guilty of not being much of an advocate in the autism community until recently. I did not want to dissociate any of Jonah’s behaviors, and I’ve been reluctant to settle on the idea that this will be my son’s life. 

Shortly after Thanksgiving last year, 2010, I began an 8 week dietary transition and became a vegan. I thought it would be something I would try out for a few months, and dive right back into a plate of carnitas. I was motivated by the ambition of living a more sustainable lifetstyle. I knew that I could not preach about the importance of sustainability without making life choices that set an example. After the first couple months passed, I realized that I personally felt better than ever, and that Jonah seemed to be feeling better than ever. He was once the pickiest eater, and now he tries almost everything I put in front of him. Jonah still eats meat, but I removed almost all processed foods from his diet, and I prepare his favorites organically. He has shown tremendous improvements in his behavior, speech, and demeanor over the last 6 months. As I began to witness these benefits to my new lifestyle, I began researching more about nutrition, and learning the importance of living as naturally as possible. 

We are a natural species, made of this earth, and for the past few generations, we have been filling our bodies with things that do not occur in nature. These things become the ingredients that determine our composition. They become our blood, our bones, our organs, our skin. These foreign entities cause adverse physical health side effects that we are very aware of such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, allergies, obesity, etc… We come into contact with these chemicals through our environment; pollutants from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the surfaces we touch, the medicine we ingest. These chemicals remain in the body, and transfer to our offspring, so our children have now inherited these toxic chemicals, on top of chemicals that they will come in contact with throughout their life time. See http://www.ewg.org/minoritycordblood/BPA-cordbloodpollution

Remember, these chemicals do not clear from the body naturally or completely, because our bodies can not identify them properly or understand them, so they build up. Now think of how delicate the brain is, how delicate brain function is, the process of neurons firing off, controlling your thoughts, your movements, your complete being. Now throw a bunch of boulders into that and guess what kind of mess you end up with. Is it any wonder that the CDC is reporting 1 in 7 children are being diagnosed with a developmental disability? 

It should be stated that not every child who receives vaccinations will develop a developmental disability such as autism. But parents need to be conscious consumers when deciding when and what to vaccinate our children. That’s right! I said consumer, because vaccines are a commodity. They are sold to us, we pay for them, and most of us do not know what they are for or why our children need them. 

Vaccines are not the only causative factor associated with a potential risk for autism. One of the most shocking things I’ve learned about was the toxicity levels of microwaving water in a baby bottle to mix with the baby formula. I have also heard of a recent study (which I have not had a chance to look up yet) that suggests an increase in autism if the mother was on anti-depressants. One of the patients that Dr. Smits discusses in his book was exposed to Flonase during gestation, which turned out to be a causative factor for his autism. The mother’s mental well being can also be a causative factor, as it leaves an impression on the child.  

I have found more answers in my research of homeopathy and natural medicine than I have from Western medicine. One of the convincing cases for me was documented by Dr. Smitsy. I had a moment identifying with the story of another little boy that had me crying for hours, where Dr. Smits is able to outline the child’s medical history, associate the child’s illnesses conjunctively with the child’s vaccinations, up to the point of his autism diagnosis. Just before this child was diagnosed, he stopped eating (the body’s last line of defense for detoxification is fasting, which is why we loose our appetites when we are ill) and broke out in severe eczema (skin conditions such as these are a sign of severe internal toxicity). In addition to other similarities, my son also stopped eating, and broke out in severe eczema all over his entire body just after the age of 2. He ate everything as a baby, and it broke my heart to see him go through that. The eczema was so severe, it blistered, pimpled, and itched all over his entire body. His skin was so sensitive, if he scratched it, it would rip open. I kept calling the doctor, and calling the doctor, and appointment after appointment after appointment, the only explanation I received was that eczema was common, and toddlers are picky eaters.  He went from being age appropriate at his 2 year evaluations, to high risk for autism at 2.5 years, to PDD-NOS at 3 years. He slipped away right in front of me, and I didn’t even see it. 

When I look back at his medical history, Jonah did not suffer from as many of the associative infections and illnesses that are attributed to vaccinations, but I have been able to establish a pattern that led up to his 2-year vaccine series, which was ultimately too much for his little body to handle. After the 2-year vaccine, that’s when it all fell apart.

The thing about the controversy of vaccines is, it isn’t just the mercury. There are many more chemicals going into these things than methyl-mercury. The following website provides a Vaccine Ingredients Calculator, which exposes all kinds of interesting ingredients; http://www.vaccine-tlc.org/. Not to mention, one of the reasons I was reassured to give my son vaccinations is because I found a pediatrician that used the newer batches of vaccines which lacked the methyl-mercury. 

The CEASE Therapy will begin by detoxifying Jonah’s body of the contaminants from vaccinations that may have caused Jonah’s autism. If I am right in my beliefs and instincts, his progress with the therapy will prove it, which is why it is so important for me to document our experience and share it. I can not wait to share more info from our meeting and provide a clear explanation of how it works. 

Until then…